Murugan Temple of St. Louis

Murugan Temple of St. Louis

Hindu Temple in USA

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Temple Diety

Lord Sri Murugan


About Temple

Annual Temple festivals

  1. Thai Poosam
  2. Panguni Uthiram (Murugan Kalyanam)
  3. Vaikasi Visagam
  4. Soora samhara Shasti
  5. Thiru Karthigai (Thiruvannamalai Deepam)
  6. Monthly Karthigai stars
  7. Monthly Shasti dates

Tour the new site location

Our temple volunteers can show the location to interested parties.
  1. The temple is a 30 minute drive for almost every devotee in the greater St.Louis area.
  2. Is is situated on State highway with quick access to 2 interstate highways.
  3. The land is large enough to accommodate future expansion of the temple complex (15+ acres).
  4. The land is surrounded by forestry, with only one side open to the local community, allowing for greater privacy.
  5. The nearby conservation area could provide walking trails in the future for padayatra and other such activities.
  6. There is public parking at a walkable distance for extra parking during festival days.
  7. This is a great neighborhood with the local YMCA and the Wildwood campus if St. Louis Community College giving us a secure and quiet location.

Community rituals/services

We hope our Murugan Temple would provide our community with the space and opportunity to perform
  1. Traditional services such as Mundan, Ear piercing and naming.
  2. Ritual Walks, Padayathra.
  3. Celebrate major cultural events to gather and worship together.
  4. Community services like soup kitchen, food drive, book drive, partnering with community projects across the world.
  5. Lectures regarding Hinduism and Hindu culture.
  6. Various Study Groups tailored for various groups children, youth, young adults, or older adults.
  7. Ministry-Caring/Outreach for those undergoing hardships and difficulties – older adults, resident in retirement homes, those suffering from mental and physical illness, grief/bereavement, divorce etc.
  8. Partnerships with the Interfaith Partnership of Greater St. Louis, with local city councils, community colleges and YMCA.