Carolina Murugan Temple

Carolina Murugan Temple

Hindu Temple in USA

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Lord Sri Murugan


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We are pleased to welcome you to be part of the historical initiative to build Carolina Murugan Temple (CMT) A Heritage for the World Tamils.

Our vision is to build a landmark to bring unique Spiritual, Cultural and Language experience representing World Tamils. Language is the bridge to connecting our generation to the next generation and preserving our identity and culture.This site will have the Lord Murugan Temple, the world tallest Murugan statue, the World Tamil Cultural Museum, and the World Tamil Library to showcase our spiritual, culture, language and tradition.

With the support of our Tamil community and generous donors, we bought a 130 Acres of land on the banks of the Deep River near the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

We plan to build the temple in multiple phases. The budgeted cost to complete Phase I of the temple is going to be 7 Million US dollars.

Be proud to be part of this initiative, and provide your time and support to build this landmark one brick at a time.

Please spread the word about this initiative to your friends and relatives around the world and encourage them to take part.

Let Lord Murugan bless you and your family with good health, peace, prosperity and success.