Shree Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

Shree Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

One of the 12 Jyotirlinga temples.

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Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga a shiv temple on Omkar mountain an island in mid Narmada, revered Hindu temple is the center of extreme faith. There are 12 jyotirlinga temples in world and omkareshwar is one fo them. Another temple named as Mamleshwar on thr south bank of narmada is also of very importance as stated in the dwadash jyotirling strotra “omkar mamleshwaram” sounds as if the jyotirlinga in Omkareshwar is Mamleshwar temple. the ancient name of Mamleshwar is “Amareshwar”. Most of the visitors consider both the temples as equally sacred jyotirlinga and visit them. (as these temples are not far away.). On completion of pilgrimage all the Hindus come to Omkareshwar and offer the holy water to Omkareshwar only then there visit to other pilgrimage is considered to be complete. History: In the medieval period Mandhata Omkareshwar was ruled by the aboriginal Bhil chieftains under the suzerainty of the Parmars of Dhar, the sultans of Malwa , the Scindia of Gwalior , who in turn handed over Mandhata to the British in 1824. The last Bhil chieftain Natthu Bhil fell out with Daryao Gosai a powerful priest of the place. The latter approached the king of Jaipur to set right Natthu Bhil . The king sent his brother Bharatsingh Chauhan , then Subedar of Jhalarapatan on the border of Malwa . Finally the entire tussle ended with the marriage of Bharatsingh and the only daughter of Natthu Bhil . Bharatsingh along with some of Rajput associates who also married other Bhil girls settled in Mandhata in 1165 A.D. Their progeny is called Bhilalas . Bharatsingh’s descendants ruled Omkareshwar sinch then. During the British rule the Rajas (Officiallly known as Raos) had Mandhata Omkareshwar as their Jagir rights, all abolished now. Baratsingh’s direct descendants are called Rajputs.


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