Panch Mandir

Panch Mandir

Hindu Temple in Punjab (Radha Krishna Temple)

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Panch Mandir

One of the most revered place in Punjab State, the Panch Mandi in Kapurthala town is dedicated to several Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It was constructed by Fateh Singh Ahluwalia. It bears the relics of rich architectural legacy of the bygone golden era. The Panch Mandir is an important hallmark of the small town of Kapurthala which draws several devotees from all over the state to seek divine blessings.

Temple Story

As the name suggests, Panch Mandir, the temple has small temples that are dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. The giant structure at the middle of the holy sanctorium is encircled by many smaller temples. The temple displays the engineering skills of the people of the ancient times. Apart from being an important place of religious worship, the Panch Mandir is also a celebrated place for archaeologists who throng the temple to study the rich architecture of the traditional society. Panch Mandir which is a sacred temple gives one an intense pleasure and satisfaction.The Panch Mandir may be said to be an architectural marvel of the golden past and one would always appreciate this splendid monument that has an aesthetic appeal for the devotees. The Panch Mandir of the Kapurthala town is always full of devotees who visit the holy shrine in search of peace of mind and soul. The clean and well maintained surrounding of the temple is an epitome of purity and eternal happiness. Panch Mandir with its beautiful white structure looks strikingly awesome on a moonlit night.