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Arulmigu Jambukeswarar Akhilandeswari Temple – History

This temple is situated in Coromandel between two rivers, Cauvery in south, coleroon in North. It is one of the five element shrines or Pancha Bootha sthalams and is renowned for the worship of lord Siva as representing the element of water (appulinga).

As an Elephant was blessed here after worshipping here, this temple came to be known as ‘Thiruvanaikka’. As Lord Siva is seated below Jambu tree at this temple, it got its name Jambukeswaram. When Goddess Ahilandeswari penanced here, Lord Siva satisfied by her prayer blessed her. For this reason this temple is also known as Gnanashethram.

A spider, which worshipped Lord Jambukeswarar in its previous life, was blessed to born as Kochengat cholan in its next birth. He constructed this temple about 2500 years ago. Uma Deviyar, Thirumal, Brahman, Attathikku Balakhar, Attavasukkal, Jambu Munivar, Gowthamar, Aghasthiyar, a spider known as Gananatharul maliyavan, an elephant named Pushbadhanthan, Suryan and Chandran attained glory by worshipping at this temple.

Thirugnana Sambanthar, Appar, Sundarar, Arunagirinathar, Iyyadigal kadawarkon, Thayumanavar have enchanted the glory of Lord Jambukeswarar in theirliterary works. Goddess blessed poet Kalamega Pulavar with the talent to write poems at this temple.

This temple is endowed with 5 praharams.(corridor) As lord Siva himself built the 5th praharam, appearing in the form of Spider, it is known as ‘Thiruneettan thirumathil’. It is here lord Siva blessed a spider and elephant to attain moksha.

Monolithic stone pillars (made from single stone) are found in the mandapam, situated at the entrance of Aariyavittan tower in 3rd Praharam. Stone chains and 12 zodiac signs are beautifully carved on these pillars. Pillars found in 1000 pillar hall and in various parts of temple have artistic sculptural works. Temple cars In the year1910, 2 big temple cars were made for god & goddess. ‘Coratham’(used for procession) and several wooden Vahanas are present in this temple. Inscriptions 156 Inscriptions have been found at this temple. Inscriptions of King Madurai konda Parakesari varman paranthaka cholan is the oldest among them. Informations about renovations and wealth of this temple are found in these inscriptions.

Benefits of worshipping at this temple:

Devotees worshipping here are blessed both in this birth and in next birth.One who worships Goddess Ahilandeswari will be blessed with good education and intelligence, marrige and wishes for child are fulfilled. By coming around the fifth divine wall known as “Thiruneetran thirumathil one with gets fulfilled.


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