'Sapta Moksh Puri' - The 7 Holy cities

‘Sapta Moksh Puri’ – The 7 Holy cities

‘Sapta’ means seven and ‘Puri’ means city. There are seven cities in India called “Mokshadayini Sapta Puri”. Which is told by the following verses:


पुरी द्वारावतीचैव सप्तैते मोक्षदायिकाः।

“Ayodhya Mathura Maya Kasi Kanchi Avantika |

Puri Dvaravati chaiva saptaita moksadayikah ||”

In Hinduism, attaining salvation is very important. According to Puranas, there are seven cities where human beings can visit and attain moksha, i.e., liberation from the cycle of life & death. Moksha is considered one of the most important goals of four Purusarthas. 

Where the four Purushartas Dharma (righteousness, moral values), Artha (prosperity, economic values), Kama (pleasure, love, psychological values), and Moksha (liberation, spiritual values).

Renouncing the human body at these Sapta Puri is very important above all the things in human life.

The 7 Holy cities are as follows:

  1. Ayodhya
  2. Mathura
  3. Maya (Haridwar)
  4. Kasi (Varanasi)
  5. Kanchi (Kanchipuram)
  6. Avantika (Ujjain) and
  7. Dvaravati (Dwarka).


Lord Sri Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu, was born on the holy land of Ayodhya. The ciLord Sri Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu, was born in the holy land of Ayodhya. The city of Ayodhya, which established its identity from Treta Yug to Kalyug, is described as the city of Bhagwan in the Atharva Veda. The river Saryu flows near this holy city where Lord Sri Rama renounced his human form and proceeded towards Vaikunth Loka.


Lord Sri Krishna was born here in the holy city of Mathura, situated near Vrindavan and Govardhan hill in UP. River Yamuna flows near the city Mathura. This city is well known for Shraddha Karma. People from all over the world come here for the liberation of their ancestors.


Haridwar also called Maya or Mayapuri. Haridwar is the combination of two words Hari + Dwar, where ‘Hari’ means Bhagavan Lord Maha Vishnu and ‘Dwar’ means gateway. It is situated to the banks of the river Ganga, where river Ganga flows from the hair of Lord Maha Shiva enhancing the sanctity of the city even further. Over thousands of years, people from all over the world visiting Haridwar to attain salvation.


Kashi Punya Kshethra also called Banaras or Varanasi, is situated along the banks of river Ganga, where the other two rivers Varuna & Asi also present here. This city is well known as Varanasi, in which the name is derived from the combination of these two river names. The essence of Kashi city and its history is described in one of the four Vedas, according to which Kashi is called the city of Maha Shiva. Kashi is considered one of the most loved places of Bhagawan Lord Maha Shiva.


Kanchipuram Tirthapuri is considered as Kashi of the south. According to Kanchipuram’s history, Kanchi is known to have been created by Bhagwan Brahma, the creator of the universe. According to history, Bhagwan Lord Brahma meditated here to have a glimpse of the Devi.


The ancient name of Ujjain is Avantika which was named after a king. Ujjayini was the capital city of Maharaja Vikramaditya in ancient times. It is situated in the banks of the Kshipa river, and one of the 12 jyotirlingas is situated here.


The city of Dwarka was built by Bhagwan Lord Sree Krishna himself. Its ancient name was Kushasthali. According to a legend, the name of this city was Kushsthali due to Maharaja Ravatak performing Yajna by laying Kush in the sea.

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